jillian tamaki did the illustrations for this version of christina rossetti’s “goblin market.” tamaki also drew the fabulously beautiful and great skim (written by her cousin, mariko tamaki. so, this is a $70 book i want to own really badly. 

my tumblr should just be me posting all the jackets i want. i want so many jackets. i want to wear menswear inspired (or just straight up menz) jackets all the time. that and ridiculous, kept woman pretend glamorous coats. look at that saturated blue. it’s real nice. also, boxy. god damn to do i love me a boxy silhouette. i totally have a waist, i should be showing it off all the time or something; i just want to look like a box.


my favorite looks from steven alan fall 2011. you can click-through for more!

by calivintage.

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downton abbey is great, sybil is a fab bitch etc.
but, universe, that jacket. i want it. i need it. i dream of a herring bone jacket, masculine cut without actually being a mens jacket. you know the drill.

also having that hair would just be an added benefit.

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for the alternate version of myself that is 500% more fabulous (and also wealthy)

ring and bracelet, vant.